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经过CCCV 2015程序委员会集体讨论,从所有录用论文中遴选了24篇论文,在大会召开期间进行口头报告,其余论文进行张贴交流。
1.      进行口头报告的作者(名单见下表),请于会议召开时(2015年9月18~20日)携带PPT等展示材料参加大会。
Session 1Tracking and Action Recognition
183 Multiple Scaled Person Re-identification Framework for HD Video Surveillance Application
169 Pedestrian Tracking in Infrared Image Sequence Based on Spatio-temporal Slice Trajectory Analysis
161 Research and Application of Moving Target Tracking based on Multi-innovation Kalman Filter algorithm
48 Robust Mean Shift Tracking based on Refined Appearance Model and Online Update
27 Skeleton-based Human Action Recognition with Profile Hidden Markov Model
199 A New Dataset and Evaluation for Infrared Action Recognition
Session 2: Segmentation and Recognition and Search
46 An Algorithm Combined with Color Differential Models for License-plate Location
174 A Novel Dynamic Character Grouping Approach Based on the Consistency Constraints
89 An Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on Multi-threshold for
Infrared Image Segmentation
88 Edge-based Unsupervised Evaluation Of Image Segmentation
133 Light-Weight Spatial Distribution Embedding of Adjacent Features for Image Search
43 The Modified Mumford-Shah Model Based on Nonlocal
Means Method for Textures Segmentation
Session 3: Image Analysis and Super-resolution
197 An Improved Image Quality Assessment in Gradient Domain
195 Fast Image Quality Assessment via Hash Code
41 Hypergraph Regularized Autoencoder for 3D Human Pose Recovery
152 Simultaneously Retargeting and Super-resolution for Stereoscopic Video
82 Edge-directed Single Image Super-resolution via Cross-resolution Sharpening Function Learning
30 Single Image Super-Resolution via Blind Blurring Estimation
and Dictionary Learning
Session 4: Detection and Image Classification
105 Mixture Models for Object Detection
186 1000 fps Highly Accurate Eye Detection with Stacked Denoising Autoencoder
188 Motion Compensation based Fast Moving Object Detection in Dynamic Background
70 Multispectral Image Classification Using a New Bayesian Approach With Weighted Markov Random Fields
64 A Discriminant Sparse Representation Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
134 Cross-level: A Practical Strategy for Convolutional Neural Networks based Image Classification
2.      进行张贴交流的作者(所有录用论文中非口头报告的论文),请于会议召开时按照90cm(宽度)x150cm(长度)准备poster并携带参加大会,大会会为大家准备张贴板。
                                           CCCV 2015 程序委员会