CCCV2015 会议评选出四个最佳论文奖

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奖项 Author Paper Title
最佳论文奖 Lihuo He, Qi Liu, Di Wang, and Wen Lu Fast Image Quality Assessment via Hash Code
最佳论文提名奖 Chenqiang Gao, Yinhe Du, Jiang Liu, Luyu Yang, and Deyu Meng A New Dataset and Evaluation for Infrared Action Recognition
最佳学生论文奖 Wei Tang, Yongzhen Huang, and Liang Wang 1000 fps Highly Accurate Eye Detection with Stacked Denoising Autoencoder
最佳学生论文提名奖 Shengxi Li, Ying Wang, Jie Li, and Xinbo Gao Multispectral Image Classification Using a New Bayesian Approach With Weighted Markov Random Fields